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Refereed Articles in Academic Journals

  • Wagner, Tom (2023). ‘“With All Praise to your Exalted Frequencies, Consider Me Your Friend”: Listening, Technology, and Musicking in the Church of Scientology’. Popular Music 42(2), Open Access Online.

  • Eckhart, Giana and Tom Wagner. (2022). ‘A Music Industry for Musicians’. Stanford Social Innovation Review 20(4), pp. 20-27. (Link here)

  • Wagner, Tom (2020). ‘Routinization and Innovation in Scientology’s Golden Age Narrative'. Journal of Religion and Popular Culture 32(1), pp. 15-28. (Download here)

  • Wagner, Tom (2014). ‘No Other Name? Authenticity, Authority and Anointing in Christian Popular Music’. Journal of World Popular Music 1(2), pp. 324-342. (Download here)

  • Riches, Tanya and Wagner, Tom (2012). ‘The Evolution of Hillsong Music: From Australian Pentecostal Congregation Into Global Brand’. Australian Journal of Communication 39(1), pp. 17-36. (Download here)

Refereed Articles Online

  • Wagner, Tom. (2017). ‘Celebrity, South Park, and Scientology’s “Media Problem”’. Religion Going Public blog. June 13. (Link here)

  • Wagner, Tom (2015). ‘Music, Media, Evangelical Protestantism: A Very Short History'. FocaalBlog – Journal of Global and Historical Anthropology: Music and Capitalism Special Feature. April 2. (Link here).


Edited Journal Issues

  • Tom Wagner, Tom Western, and Annette Davison, eds. (2018). ‘Radio and Ethnomusicology’. Special Issue of Ethnomusicology Forum. Ethnomusicology Forum 23(3). (Link here)

Edited Volumes




Book Chapters


  • Wagner, Tom. (2020). ‘Fair Trade Music?: Narratives of Ethical Consumerism and the Political Economy of Streaming Music’. In The Oxford Handbook of Economic Ethnomusicology. Edited by Timothy Taylor and Anna Morcom. New York: Oxford University Press. Online. (Download here)

  • Wagner, Tom. (2017). ‘Hillsong’s Powerful, “Sensational” Brand’. In The Hillsong Movement Examined: You Call Me Out Upon the Waters. Edited by Tanya Riches and Tom Wagner. New York. Palgrave MacMillan. (Download here)

  • Riches, Tanya and Tom Wagner. (2017). ‘Introduction: Hillsong and Movement, Examined’. In The Hillsong Movement Examined: You Call Me Out Upon the Waters. Edited by Tanya Riches and Tom Wagner. New York. Palgrave MacMillan.

  • Wagner, Tom (2017). ‘Christianity, Worship, and Popular Music’. In The Bloomsbury Handbook for Religion and Popular Music. Edited by Christopher Partridge and Marcus Moberg. London: Bloomsbury, pp. 90-100.

  • Wagner, Tom (2015). ‘Music as a Mediated Object, Music as a Medium: Towards a Media Ecological View of Congregational Music’. In Congregational Music Making and Community in a Mediated Age. Edited by Anna Nekola and Tom Wagner. Farnham, UK: Ashgate, pp. 25-44.


  • Wagner, Tom (2014). ‘Branding, Music, and Religion: Standardization and Adaptation in the Experience of the “Hillsong Sound”’. In Religion as Brands: New Perspectives on the Marketization of Religion and Spirituality. Edited by Jean-Claude Usunier and Jörg Stolz. Farnham, UK: Ashgate, pp. 59-73.


  • Wagner, Tom (2014). ‘Music, Branding, and the Hegemonic Prosumption of Values of an Evangelical Growth Church’. In Religion in Times of Crisis. Edited by Gladys Ganiel, Christophe Monnot and Heidemarie Winkel. Brill Publishing. pp. 11-32.


  • Ingalls, Monique, Landau, Carolyn, and Tom Wagner (2013). ‘Performing Theology, Forming Identity and Shaping Experience: Christian Congregational Music in Europe and North America’. In Christian Congregational Music: Performance, Identity and Experience. Edited by Monique Ingalls, Carolyn Landau, and Tom Wagner. Farnham, UK: Ashgate, pp. 1-16. (Download here)


Press Mentions and Public Engagement



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